You’ve Got to Share (songs for children)

  1. Little Rooster
  2. Be Kind to your Parents
  3. You’ve got to Share
  4. This Old Man
  5. Windy Old Weather
  6. I’m an Old Cowhand
  7. The Eagle
  8. You have no right (solo Jackie McLean)
  9. Luby Lu
  10. The Cat came Back
  11. The Horse Named Bill
  12. Pick it up
  13. Hush Little Baby
  14. Blackberry Blossom
  15. Birdies Three (A la Volette)
  16. Where Have All The Flowers Gone
  17. Going to the Chapel/Goodnight Sweetheart
  • “Be Kind to your Parents” composed by Harold Rome
  • “I’m an Old Cowhand” composed by Johnny Mercer
  • “Pick it up” composed by Woody Guthrie
  • “Birdies Three (A la Volette)” composed by A. Kevess
  • “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” composed by Pete Seeger
  • “Going to the Chapel/Goodnight Sweetheart” composed by Barry, Carter, Greenwich, Hudson and Spector

Released 2003 on Don McLean Records. Currently available from the official Don McLean Music Store.

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  1. Bob Gregg

    This is a must for all fan collections – a CD with minimal intrusion from backing music where voices produce magic and fun – Don&#39s voice is smooth and the kids voices strong lots of fun – those McLean kids – stars are born (Rated 4 out of 5)

  2. Jackie McLean

    “you have made an error! My brother Wyatt sings “”Where have All The Flowers Gone”” and I , Jackie sing solo “”You Have no Right”” thanx (Rated 5 out of 5)”

  3. “I would love to able to say to Jackie and Wyatt I think this album they have recorded with their Dad is just fantastic.
    They obviously had a real fun time.I love the spontaneity the little whispers in the background of support for each other and the real feel that Dad is right there behind them.I love it so much that aswell as listening to it at home, I&#39ve got it in my car too and I&#39ve listened to nothing else all week.
    I love too the sentiments in many of the songs and wish I could get a few more adults to think about children in the way that these songs ask.
    Jackie and Wyatt you have beautiful voices and Jackie I hope we hear more of your writing too.I wish too that you will continue to make and enjoy music for along time and I hope to see you one day performing with your Dad.You have all the qualities that made me follow your Dads music since 1972.
    Kind regards to you both (Rated 5 out of 5)”

  4. Dejay

    “I’ve just received this album through the post today and I’ve already listened to it twice all the way through. Wyatt and Jackie, I am gobsmacked, you both sing beautifully – your dad wasn’t too bad either:) I hope you both carry on singing and that you will perhaps follow it up with another album soon. I especially like the two solos, Where Have All The Flowers Gone and You Have No Right, such feeling and sincerity – lovely stuff! (Rated 5 out of 5)”

  5. You&#39ll either love this album or hate it. I expect it sits quite well in the American market but this sort of collection probably has a harder time in Britain. (Rated 2 out of 5)

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