Recent Publications

My research has focussed on modelling and management of toxic cyanobacterial (blue green algal) blooms and more recently, in collaboration with Defu Xu of NUIST China, the use of constructed wetlands for water purification.
In addition to the print publications listed below I have regularly delivered conference presentations and conducted field work in several countries including the US, China, New Zealand, Spain and Greece.

I have been interviewed several times for ITV and BBC news following outbreaks of toxic blue-green algae affecting waterbodies, such as lakes and rivers used for recreation and/or fishing.

Recent Science Articles

  • 2019 Zhou L, Xu D, Li Y, Pan Q, Wang J, Xue L, Howard A. Phosphorus and Nitrogen Adsorption Capacities of Biochars Derived from Feedstocks at Different Pyrolysis Temperatures. Water. 2019; 11(8):1559.
  • 2019 Li, Y., Xu, D., Zhou, D. Zhou, L. and Howard, A. Effect of earthworm and loach on Typha augustifolia aboveground and root litter residue in an integrated vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland, Wetlands Ecology and Management, 27, 393-404.
  • 2019 Xu, D. Cao, J. Li, Y. Howard, A. and Yu, K. Effect of pyrolysis temperature on characteristics of biochars derived from different feedstocks: A case study on ammonium adsorption capacity, Waste Management, 87, 652-660.
  • 2016 Xu, D. Yingxue, L. Howard, A. Effect of the interaction of earthworms and substrates on photosynthetic characteristics, nitrogen, and phosphorus uptake Iris pseudacorus in constructed wetland system, Environmental Engineering & Management Journal, 15, 123-132.
  • 2016 Defu Xu, Jiaru Gu, Yingxue Li, Yu Zhang, Alan Howard, Yidong Guan, Jiuhai Li, & Hui Xu Purifying capability, enzyme activity, and nitrification potentials in December in integrated vertical flow constructed wetland with earthworms and different substrates, Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23:273–281.
  • 2016 Howard, A. and Xu, D. (Eds) Constructed Wetlands Systems and Management, Water,  special issue.
    • Yang, Zhongchen; Wang, Qian; Zhang, Jian; Xie, Huijun; Feng, Suping (2016) Effect of Plant Harvesting on the Performance of Constructed Wetlands during Summer, Water: 8. (academic editor: Alan Howard and Defu Xu)
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    • Fatehi Pouladi, Soheil; Anderson, Bruce; Wootton, Brent; Rozema, Lloyd (2016) Evaluation of Phytodesalination Potential of Vegetated Bioreactors Treating Greenhouse Effluent, Water: 8. (academic editor: Fabio Masi and Alan Howard)
    • Shih, Shang-Shu; Hong, Shang-Shang; Chang, Tsang-Jung (2016) Flume Experiments for Optimizing the Hydraulic Performance of a Deep-Water Wetland Utilizing Emergent Vegetation and Obstructions, Water: 8. (academic editor: Alan Howard)
  • 2015 Xu, Defu & Gu, Jiaru & Li, Yingxue & Zhang, Yu & Howard, Alan & Guan, Yidong & Li, Jiuhai & Xu, Hui. Purifying capability, enzyme activity, and nitrification potentials in December in integrated vertical flow constructed wetland with earthworms and different substrates. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 23. 10.1007/s11356-015-5734-6.
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  • 2014 Defu Xu, Yinjuan Wu, Yingxue Li, Alan Howard, Xiaodong Jiang, Yidong Guan, Yongxia Gao Influence of UV radiation on chlorophyll, and antioxidant enzymes of wetland plants in different types of constructed wetland, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 21, 10108-10119.
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