US Grand Prix 2021 Visualisation

UK Electricity Generation 1998-2021

Renewable electricity generation capacity now exceeds fossil fuels

The UK for the first time has more installed capacity to generate electricity from renewable sources than from fossil fuels. The following chart shows the total electricity generating…

2019 electricity generation: fossil fuels vs renewables

Visual data display showing which days renewables generate more electricity than fossil fuels and vice versa.

Principles of fair assessment guidance for academic staff

Addressing student workload inconsistencies: design and implementation of a principles of fair assessment guide for academic staff

Interview for “Classic Albums”

I was interviewed by award-winning director George Scott for the BBC 2 Classic Albums episode about Don McLean’s “American Pie” album. The interview took place at the Sleeper…

The Rise and Fall of British Coal

Coal mining has been one of the most important industries of industrial Britain, peaking in 1913 with production of 280 million tonnes from an industry employing over 1 million workers at a time when coal provided nearly 100% of primary energy consumption.

Live Grid Data

All data, except solar, comes from the Balancing Mechanism Reporting System. Solar data comes from the Sheffield Solar project at the University of Sheffield. Data is updated at…

The “paradoxical relationship between prosperity and nature loving”

A micro-learning task looking at the ‘paradoxical relationship between prosperity and nature loving’.

“Peak Death”

A micro-learning activity looking at the most common age of death.

China field class 2019

I was pleased to participate on the first University of Reading Environmental Science undergraduate field class to Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST), organised by my…

Essay on American Pie added to Library of Congress

In 2018, the Library of Congress National Preservation Board invited me to contribute an essay on “American Pie” as part of their recognition of the importance of this…