Playin’ Favorites

  1. Sitting on Top of the World
  2. Living With the Blues
  3. Mountains O’ Mourne
  4. Fool’s Paradise
  5. Love O’ Love
  6. Medley: Bill Cheeatham/Old Joe Clark
  7. Everyday
  8. Ancient History
  9. Over the Mountains
  10. Lovesick Blues
  11. New Mule Skinner Blues
  12. Happy Trails
  • “Sitting on Top of the World” composed by Bo Carter, Little Walter
  • “Living With the Blues” composed by Ruth McGhee
  • “Mountains O’ Mourne” composed by Collisson/French
  • “Fool’s Paradise” composed by Sonny LeGlaire, Horace Linsley, Norman Petty
  • “Everyday” composed by Charles Hardin, Norman Petty
  • “Ancient History” and “Over the Mountains” composed by Irene Stanton, Wayne Walker
  • “Lovesick Blues” composed by Cliff Friend, Irving Mills
  • “New Mule Skinner Blues” composed by Jimmie Rodgers, George Vaughn
  • “Happy Trails” composed by Dale Evans
  • Produced by Ed Freeman

UNITED ARTISTS UA-LA161-F, Released October 1973 [LP]
UNITED ARTISTS UA-EA161-6, Released October 1973 [8T]
UNITED ARTISTS (FESTIVAL) L35000 (AUS), Released 1973 [LP]
BEAT GOES ON (BGO) 2779 21 2 [CD]

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  1. “Since I&#39m the first reviewer, looks like this album is a big secret. That&#39s unfortunate since it is loaded with lots of great old songs done by someone who clearly loves them. Quite the banjo picker, too. (Rated 5 out of 5)”

  2. Not Disclosed

    “””Playin&#39 Favorites”” ranks as one of Don&#39s three top records, I think. (With “”Don McLean”” and “”Homeless Brother””)

    “”Love O Love”” is beautiful and it took courage back then to sing instrument-free. (Can&#39t spell accopella!)

    I find myself singing songs off this record all the time.

    It&#39s tough to find on CD (there&#39s an import), but worth the effort. (Keep an eye on e-Bay.)

    Mark C.
    (Rated 5 out of 5)”

  3. Not Disclosed

    “To be honest, this is not an album which has captured my imagination whatsoever. Nice tunes, great voice, but it seems almost self-indulgent.

    Nonetheless, is Don is good. (Rated 2 out of 5)”

  4. don, Have loved your music from the beginnig.Hope you sing forever!

  5. Andrew Washington

    would really like this on CD but Amazon are quoting over $100!

    if anyone knows a supplier at regular prices please let me know.

    why is it so hard to find?

  6. British company BGO records issued Playin Favorites on CD along with Tapestry, Don McLean, Homeless Brother and Solo. Their website – – currently lists those four for sale but not PF. Andy Gray the label owner has been helpful in the past and may be worth contacting to see if they have a spare copy.
    Otherwise lots of vinyl versions on ebay.

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