1. It’s Just the Sun
  2. Building My Body
  3. Wonderful Baby
  4. The Very Thought of You (Noble)
  5. Fool’s Paradise (Linsley-Petty)
  6. Baby I Don’t Care (Lieber-Stoller)
  7. You Have Lived
  8. The Statue
  9. Prime Time
  10. American Pie
  11. Left for Dead
  12. Believers
  13. Sea Man
  14. It’s a Beautiful Life
  15. Chain Lightning
  16. Crazy Eyes
  17. La La Love You
  18. Dream Lover (Darin)
  19. Crying (Orbison-Melson)
  20. Vincent

Released by EMI in 1983. Recorded live in concert at the Dominion Theatre, London in 1980. Features band and strings. The concert was also filmed and released on video as “The Music of Don McLean”. In 2007 the video was re-issued on DVD as part of EMI’s “The Legendary Don McLean” package.

EMI DOM 82 (UK), Released 1982 [LP]
GOLD CASTLE D2-71332, Released 1990 [CD]
HIP-O HIPD2-40033, Reissued March 1997 [CD] as “Greatest Hits LIVE”

All tracks composed by Don McLean unless otherwise stated.


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  1. Sarahjane B

    “I just found a second hand copy of this album on CD, and I have never had an afternoon of more enjoyable listening. It has some very wonderful songs, and Don delivers them superbly. I especially enjoyed where Don let all of Buddy Holly&#39s vocal inflections and mannerisms into his own voice in the rendition of “”Baby I Don&#39t Care.”” His jokes about body-building were a great start to the song “”Building My Body””, delivered with a great deal of liveliness and cheekiness, and I love the way that “”The Statue”” (a song I had not heard before, and sung beautifully) merged so charmingly and easily into a fantastic performance of “”Prime Time””. The applause, especially that following “”American Pie”” and “”Vincent””, was immense- and Don certainly deserved it! It was a magical moment for me, hearing Don inviting the audience to sing the last two choruses of American Pie with him, which they immediately do, with great enthusiasm. Songs such as “”You Haved Lived”” and “”Dream Lover”” were delivered with great feeling and tnderness in his voice. I love when Don sings “”Sea Man”” (entirely accapella) and the audience is in complete silence, entranced- the only sound was his rich, sad voice. But the highlight of the album for me was without doubt the fantastic rendition of “”Crazy Eyes””- a very vibrant, energetic song with an unforgettable tune and very skilled playing from guitarist, pianist and violinist alike. This song was evidently a great hit with the audience too.
    One last note- his delivery of the classic, “”The Very Thought Of You”” is an absolute classic- especially with the preceding joke about romance, as opposed to the modern days of whips and razor-blades!

    Definitely, this is a fantastic album, and I say, full marks Don! (Rated 5 out of 5)”

  2. Not Disclosed

    This (double) album proves Don to be even better in person than in studio.Please make your next album a live one please Don! (Rated 5 out of 5)

  3. more dusty than digital

    I found the original double LP of this at the flea market and bought it for £1. Bonus! And when I got home I found that it was signed by the man himself. Double bonus! (Rated 4 out of 5)

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