Historic oil and coal production data – August 2014 update

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has released updated data showing UK coal and oil production, exports and imports 1890 to 2013.

North Sea crude oil production ‘took off’ in 1976 and peaked in 1999. In 2011 imports exceeded production for the first time since 1978.

Imports of coal exceeded coal production for the first time in 2001. By 2013 there were just 9 deep mines producing 13 million tonnes  coal compared with 290 million tonnes produced by 3024 mines in 1913 – the year of peak coal production.

Download the raw data: coal_since_1853 and oil_since_1890

Coal remains a crucially important fuel source in UK electricity generation:

Data files published by DECC on 31/7/14 and made available under the Open Government licence v2.0

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