Mapping cyanobacterial blooms

“Cyanomap” was a small application I wrote to automatically compile and map outbreaks of cyanobacterial blooms and other associated news with the help of the Yahoo Placemaker and Yahoo News API services.

Both Yahoo services have since closed,

Skycam map using OS Openspace AJAX

We have been doing some work with AJAX methods provided by the OS Openspace API. To help anyone else out there working on this we have provided a simple example that loads a list of coordinates and URLs from a text file and uses these to add markers to a base map. In this example the marker, when clicked, reveals a live “sky cam” image, usually provided by a personal weather station website.

The application is created using the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API including their loadurl AJAX method. Zoom in on the map and you’ll see it’s a real OS map! We also have a version using Google Maps.