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Hotel Espana, Barcelona

Past students who enjoyed a downmarket Hotel Espana with me and colleagues on field trips in 2001 and 2005 may be interested in news of a revamp and…

Our day at Glastonbury (with Don McLean)

Don McLean came to Glastonbury and sang folk, pop, country and rock. He even sang “Sea Man” – an acapella song he wrote 30 years ago while living…

Fieldwork in Nigeria

My research student, Balarabe Getso, is about to commence his wet season field work on the River Kallawa in Kano State, Nigeria. I intend to join him later…

New paper on cyanobacteria

My colleague in Istanbul, Basak Guven, and I have had our latest paper published in the journal Environmental Modeling and Assessment: Sensitivity Analysis of a Cyanobacterial Growth and…

Mapping cyanobacterial blooms

“Cyanomap” was a small application I wrote to automatically compile and map outbreaks of cyanobacterial blooms and other associated news with the help of the Yahoo Placemaker and…

holiday – july 2010

Crete Field Trip 2010

Group photo taken June 21st, 2010.

Azerbaijan for Eurovision victory?

My probability model of Eurovision Song Contest voting is predicting victory for Azerbaijan in tonight’s contest in Oslo. The model has a high success rate but this year…


at last some decent snow and temps of -8.2 C in Brinkworth:


at last some decent snow and temps of -8.2 C in Brinkworth: