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London ‘Super Sewer’ approved

Planning permission granted today for the £4.2bn Thames Tidesway Tunnel to assure London’s continued compliance with the 1991 EC Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive. Source: Further Information:

Historic oil and coal production data – August 2014 update

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has released updated data showing UK coal and oil production, exports and imports 1890 to 2013. North Sea crude oil production…

Robert Howard’s history of typhus

Howard, R. (1844) A history of the typhus of Heptonstall-Slack, which prevailed as an endemic during the winter of 1843-4 ; accompanied by remarks on the sanatory state…

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg has said in many interviews that he fell in love with music after hearing Don McLean’s song Vincent on an episode of The Simpsons. Jake saw Don…

Crete Field Trip 2013

Just back from the field trip to Chora Sfakion, Crete with 26 students and my colleagues Maria Shahgedanova and Jess Neumann.

Research update

My most recent research collaboration has been with Defu Xu, an associate professor in the College of Environmental Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology….

Ulcer Wars – The Barry Marshall Story

I watched “Ulcer Wars” – a BBC Horizon documentary – when it was first broadcast in 1994. It tells the remarkable story of Barry Marshall and Robin Warren’s discovery…

Hotel Espana, Barcelona

Past students who enjoyed a downmarket Hotel Espana with me and colleagues on field trips in 2001 and 2005 may be interested in news of a revamp and…

Our day at Glastonbury (with Don McLean)

Don McLean came to Glastonbury and sang folk, pop, country and rock. He even sang “Sea Man” – an acapella song he wrote 30 years ago while living…

Fieldwork in Nigeria

My research student, Balarabe Getso, is about to commence his wet season field work on the River Kallawa in Kano State, Nigeria. I intend to join him later…


A random collection of posts reflecting my life as a geographer, biographer and UK higher education academic.

New Paper

2019 Zhou L, Xu D, Li Y, Pan Q, Wang J, Xue L, Howard A. Phosphorus and Nitrogen Adsorption Capacities of Biochars Derived from Feedstocks at Different Pyrolysis Temperatures. Water. 2019; 11(8):1559.